Entity Definition

Logical Name : TillLocationAssignment
Physical Name : CO_ASGMT_TL_LCN

Record of a Till's assignment to a particular SellingLocation within the retail enterprise; includes a TillNumber which (in combination with LocationID) acts as an alternate key.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TillID (FK)(PK) The unique identifier for the TENDER RESPOSITORY. ID_RPSTY_TND Identity integer Till(AS_TL)
LocationID (FK)(PK) A unique system assigned identifier for the SellingLocation. ID_LCN Identity integer SellingLocation(LO_LCN_SL)
EffectiveDateTime (PK) The date and time from which this assignment takes effect. TS_EF EffectiveDateTime datetime
ExpirationDateTime The date and time until which this assignment has effect. TS_EP ExpirationDateTime datetime
TillNumber An alternate key for the TenderRepository (while it is assigned to the Site) NU_TL Identity integer


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
SellingLocation is assigned TillLocationAssignment
Till is assigned TillLocationAssignment

Logical Views containing TillLocationAssignment

Logical View
Logical 02500 - Tender Control Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02510 - Tender Control Transaction - Movement View
Logical 10120 - Enterprise - Location, WkStn, Operator, Till