Entity Definition

Logical Name : ReturnLineItem
Physical Name : TR_LTM_RTN

A sub-type of SaleReturnLineItem recording the reason and disposal of an Item being returned by a Customer. If the return is to be recorded against the original retail transaction line item, this should be recorded as a RetailTransactionLineItemAssociation with RetailTransactionLineItemAssociation.AssocationTypeCode of "return".

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TransactionID (FK)(PK) A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the Transaction. This may be assembled from alternate key members. ID_TRN IdentityUUID char(32)
RetailTransactionLineItemSequenceNumber (FK)(PK) The sequence number of line item within the context of this RetailTransaction. IC_LN_ITM LineNumber smallint
ReturnReasonCode (FK) A unique retailer defined reason code for an action that is taken (or not taken) at a Workstation. e.g. Return reason codes - Past Use By Date, Defective Merchandise, etc. POSNoSale reason Codes - Customer Change Query CD_RSN Code varchar(20) Reason(CO_CD_RSN)
DisposalMethodCode A mnemonic code denoting how the Item being returned is to be (or was) disposed of. e.g. Undecided, WriteOff, ReturnToStock, Transform, Repair, ReturnToManufacturer, ReturnToSupplier. CD_MTH_DPSL Code4 char(4)
NewItemID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the retailer's SKU which the Item being returned becomes. e.g. Returned DVD gains a new SKU number, and is priced as a second hand item. ID_ITM IdentityUUID char(32) Item(AS_ITM)
DestinationLocationID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the InventoryLocation to which the Item being returned is placed. ID_LCN_DST Identity integer InventoryLocation(LO_LCN_INV)
NewItemTraceableUnitID (FK) A universally unique identifier used to identify the item instance that the returned item becomes. ID_ITM_UN_TRC IdentityUUID CHAR(32) ItemTraceableUnit(AS_ITM_TRCBL_UN)
CustomerReceiptProvidedFlag Boolean indicator that tells if the customer provided a receipt for this return item. Values: TRUE - customer provided a receipt FALSE - customer did not provide a receipt FL_CT_RCT Flag integer
CustomerReturnAuthorizationNumber The number assigned to a CustomerReturn that identifies an approved return for managing restocking, adjustment for rebates, adjustment for discounts and coupons as well as return to vendor disposition ID_CT_RTN_AZN Identity integer


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ItemTraceableUnit is transformed into ReturnLineItem
Item is transformed into ReturnLineItem
InventoryLocation is destination for ReturnLineItem
Reason classifies ReturnLineItem
SaleReturnLineItem can be a ReturnLineItem

Logical Views containing ReturnLineItem

Logical View
Logical 02300 - Retail Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02310 - Retail Transaction - Item Sale View
Logical 02311 - Retail Transaction Item KIT Sale View
Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior
Logical 07200 - Customer Purchase Transaction History View
Logical 21000 - Fresh Item Management Macro View