Entity Definition

Logical Name : DisbursementFundsReceiptReason
Physical Name : CO_RCV_DSB_FND

The reason why a petty cash disbursement has been made or funds receipt received.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
DisbursementReceiptReasonCode (PK) The reason code for the Disbursement or the FundsReceipt. RC_RCV_DSB Code2 char(2)
FinancialLedgerAccountID (FK) The reference for the FinancialLedgeraAccount in which the funds receipt or disbursement is accumulated. ID_ACNT_LDG Identity integer FinancialLedgerAccount(CO_LE_ACNT_FN)
Description A textual description of the reason for the DISBURSEMENT or FUNDS RECEIPT DE_RCV_DSB DescriptionShort varchar(255)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
FinancialLedgerAccount defines accounting disposition of DisbursementFundsReceiptReason
DisbursementFundsReceiptReason classifies DisbursementTransaction
DisbursementFundsReceiptReason classifies FundsReceiptTransaction

Logical Views containing DisbursementFundsReceiptReason

Logical View
Logical 02500 - Tender Control Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02510 - Tender Control Transaction - Movement View
Logical 04000 - Financial Ledger - Macro View
Logical 04200 - Financial Ledger - Tender Ctrl Transaction View