Entity Definition

Logical Name : RentalStandardContract
Physical Name : CO_RNT_STD_CNTRT

A retailers baseline contract that specifies the terms and conditions governing their rental services. The RentalStandardContract serves as a parent entity type used to collect RentalServiceTerms together to faciliated standardized contract management for retailers.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RentalStandardContractID (PK) Identifies an instance of a RentalStandardContract ID_RNT_STD_CNTRT Identity integer
RentalContractStandardURI A URI that references the contract document in HTML or another readable format. For the purposes here, this is a pointer to a text object. Retailers may choose to extend this entity by adding more explicity rental tern and condition attributes. URI_RNT_CNTRT_STD DescriptionShort varchar(255)
RentalContractRevisionNumber The sequential revision number for a RentalStandardContract. This is important where different customer might have rental agreement revisions. AI_RNT_CNTRT_RVSN_NMB LineNumber smallint
RentalContractRevisionEffectiveDate The date that this RentalStandardContract may be used as the basis for renting items to customers. DC_RNT_CNTRT_RVSN_EF_DT EffectiveDate date
RentalContractRevisionExpirationDate The date that this RentalStandardContract may NO LONGER be used as the basis for renting items to customers. DC_RNT_CNTRT_RVSN_EP_DT ExpirationDate date
RentalStandardContractStatusCode Indicates the current state of the RentalStandardContract. Valid values are: A - Active I - Inactive CD_RNT_STD_CNTRT_STS Code2 char(2)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
RentalStandardContract defines contractual provisions of RentalServiceTerms

Logical Views containing RentalStandardContract

Logical View
Logical 01040 - Item Description - Rental View
Logical 02370 - Retail Transaction - Rental View