Entity Definition

Logical Name : Workstation
Physical Name : AS_WS

A device used as an as interface to any store business function . This includes the capture and storage of TRANSACTIONS and operational performance reporting

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
WorkstationID (PK) The unique identifier for the WORKSTATION, typically the serial number. ID_WS Identity integer
EquipmentID (FK) The fixed asset number assigned by the retailer for this particular piece of equipment. ID_EQ Identity integer Equipment(AS_EQ)
ManufacturerName The name of the MANUFACTURER of the WORKSTATION. Currently most MANUFACTURERs simply assembly the components and place their badge on the device. NM_WS_MF Name varchar(40)
TerminalModelNumber The model number of the WORKSTATION. NM_MDL_WS_TML Name varchar(40)
TerminalStatusCode The status code of the WORKSTATION, i.e. active, closed, off-line, etc. SC_TML_WS Code2Status char(2)
TillCount The number of tills that can be supported through the one WORKSTATION. In most instances each WORKSTATION has one. In cases such as duty free stores or where the retailer wants to maintain operator accountability there may be two. QU_TL_WS QuantityShortCount decimal(3,0)
TypeCode A code to denote the type or use of WORKSTATION, such as POS register, goods receipt terminal. TY_WS Code4 char(4)
TrainingModeFlag A flag to denote whether the WORKSTATION is in normal operation or training mode. In the latter none of the history accumulators are updated. FL_MOD_TRG Flag integer
OutsideFlag A flag denoting that this Workstation is positioned outside the store (Perhaps at a FuelingPosition in the Forecourt business segment) FL_WS_OTSD Flag integer
DeviceAddress The device address of this WORKSTATION NM_ADS_DVC Name varchar(40)
WorkstationGroupID (FK) A unqiue system assigned identifier for a set of Workstations with similar resource access control permissions. ID_WSGP Identity integer WorkstationGroup(CO_WSGP)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Equipment is a Workstation
WorkstationGroup categorizes Workstation
Workstation is source/destination of TillMovementTransaction
Workstation is governed through WorkstationRuleApplication
Workstation captures Session
Workstation is granted access through WorkstationResourceAccess
Workstation is tracked by WorkstationHistory
Workstation is assigned TillWorkstationAssignment
Workstation is housed WorkstationSiteAssignment
Workstation records Transaction
Workstation is tracked by WorkstationTimeActivityHistory
Workstation is assigned WorkstationLocationAssignment
Workstation defines WorkstationReportingPeriod

Logical Views containing Workstation

Logical View
Logical 02200 - Transaction Macro View
Logical 02300 - Retail Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02305 - Retail Transaction - Header View
Logical 02400 - Control Transaction Macro View
Logical 02410 - Control Transaction - Sign On Off View
Logical 02420 - Control Transaction - Till Movement View
Logical 02430 - Control Transaction - Period Open Close View
Logical 02440 - Control Transaction - Voids View
Logical 02450 - Control Transaction - Drawer Limit
Logical 02500 - Tender Control Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02510 - Tender Control Transaction - Movement View
Logical 02520 - Tender Control Transaction - Settlement View
Logical 03100 - Reporting - Store Operations - Macro View
Logical 03120 - Reporting - Store Operations - Period View
Logical 03130 - Reporting - Store Operations - Session View
Logical 03140 - Reporting - Store Operations - Workstation View
Logical 03150 - Reporting - Store Operations - Operator View
Logical 03160 - Reporting - Store Operations - Till View
Logical 06210 - Access Control - Rules View
Logical 06400 - Store Equipment View
Logical 10100 - Enterprise - Locations Macro View
Logical 10120 - Enterprise - Location, WkStn, Operator, Till
Logical 11130 - Worker - Access Control View
Logical 11130 - Worker - Access Control View