Entity Definition

Logical Name : PartyRole
Physical Name : PA_RO_PRTY_TYP

PartyRole idenfies, names and describes different parts a Party may play when interacting with a retailer. PartyRole is an imporant concept because is enables one person or organization to play multiple parts (e.g. a worker who is also a customer) without having to replicate name, address and other contract data. Some examples of PartyRoles are: CONSUMER WORKER VENDOR SUPPLIER TAX AUTHORITY For more explicitly modeled PartyRole type see Logical 06310 Party-Role VIew subject area).

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
PartyRoleTypeCode (PK) A code that identifies a group of PARTY ROLES. This is used for subtyping the PARTY ROLEs. TY_RO_PRTY Code6 char(6)
Name A name or label for a group of party roles. NM_RO_PRTY Name varchar(40)
Description A narrative that describes this group of party roles. DE_RO_PRTY DescriptionNarrative varchar(4000)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
PartyRole describes PartyRoleAssignment
PartyRole defines role covered by PartyTypePartyRoleControl

Logical Views containing PartyRole

Logical View
Logical 02340 - Retail Transaction - Shipping View
Logical 02350 - Retail Transaction - Restriction Validation View
Logical 05050 - Taxation - Registration and Certification View
Logical 06310 - Party - Role View
Logical 06330 - Party - Identification View
Logical 07000 - Core Customer Entities
Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended
Logical 07015 - Customer Lifecycle and Registration
Logical 07017 - Consumer-Customer Lifecycle Context View
Logical 07019 - Party-Consumer-Customer Household View
Logical 07030 - Customer Segment Independent Characteristics
Logical 11100 - Worker - Macro View