Entity Definition

Logical Name : WorkstationTimeActivityTenderHistory
Physical Name : LE_HST_TMACV_TND

A historical record of ITEM and TRANSACTION movement by pre-defined time intervals so as to measure WORKSTATION productivity.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
WorkstationID (FK)(PK) The unique identifier for the WORKSTATION, typically the serial number. ID_WS Identity integer WorkstationTimeActivityHistory(LE_HST_WS_TMACV)
TimePeriodHour (FK)(PK) The time periods expressed in hours to measure line and transaction activity. IN_PRD_TM_HR QuantityShortCountHours numeric(2,0) WorkstationTimeActivityHistory(LE_HST_WS_TMACV)
TimePeriodMinuteIntervalCount (FK)(PK) The number of intervals in minutes for measuring line and transaction activity. QU_INTV_PR_MN_PRD QuantityShortCountMinutes decimal(4,0) WorkstationTimeActivityHistory(LE_HST_WS_TMACV)
TimePeriodIntervalPerHourCount (FK)(PK) The number of time intervals per hour for measuring line and transaction activity. QU_INTV_PR_HR_PRD QuantityShortCountSeconds decimal(5,0) WorkstationTimeActivityHistory(LE_HST_WS_TMACV)
WorkstationDate (FK)(PK) The actual date recorded by the WORKSTATION. DC_WS DateCalendar date WorkstationTimeActivityHistory(LE_HST_WS_TMACV)
TenderTypeCode (FK)(PK) A code which uniquely identifies the type of tender, ie cash, check, credit card, etc. TY_TND Code varchar(20) Tender(AS_TND)
NetTenderAmount The monetary amount of tender taken by the WORKSTATION in the defined time period intervals. CP_TND_NT Money decimal(16,5)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Tender is tracked by WorkstationTimeActivityTenderHistory
WorkstationTimeActivityHistory includes WorkstationTimeActivityTenderHistory

Logical Views containing WorkstationTimeActivityTenderHistory

Logical View
Logical 03140 - Reporting - Store Operations - Workstation View