Entity Definition

Logical Name : LifestyleTypeCode
Physical Name : LU_LFSTYL_TYP

A retailer defined set of codes that describe consumer/customer lifestyles. Lifestyle is a way of characterizing consumer/customer orientation towards other people, action vs. thought, beleif vs. knowledge, personal image and a host of other factors. By design this entity is open ended so retailers can decide how to use it in characterizing consumers/customers for segementation purposes.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
LifestyleTypeCode (PK) Retailer assigned code that assigns a Person to a named lifestyle pattern. This is used for segmentation purposes. Samples include: LONGHAIRS MODERN FASHIONERS RELIGIOUS_STYLE WORKAHOLIC CD_LFSTYL_TYP Code varchar(20)
LifestyleTypeDescription A short narrative description of a lifestyle type. DE_LFSTYL_TYP DescriptionShort varchar(255)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
LifestyleTypeCode characterizes CompositePsychographicSegment
LifestyleTypeCode defines Person

Logical Views containing LifestyleTypeCode

Logical View
Logical 07030 - Customer Segment Independent Characteristics