Entity Definition

Logical Name : SupplierItemReceivingUnit
Physical Name : AS_UNI_SPR_ITM_RCV

Defines and describes valid material handling units for a supplier item. Material handling unit refers to how a supplier item is packed for shipping, receiving and breakdown into retail sale units.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ContainerTypeCode (FK)(PK) A category of container that defines what it is made of, its type (primarily its material handling category - e.g. 55 gallon drums, pallets, cases, etc.) and its shape. CD_CNR_TYP Code varchar(20) ContainerType(ID_TYP_CNR)
MaterialReceivingLevelCode (FK) A code to denote the level at which the item is received where level refers to a pallet, carton, or some other aggregation. This code is equivalent to the UCC-735 hierarchical-level-code. LU_LV_MTR_RCV Code4 char(4) SupplierItemReceivingLevel(CO_LV_SPR_ITM_RCV)
SupplierID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the Supplier. ID_SPR Identity integer SupplierItem(AS_ITM_SPR)
SupplierItemID (FK) The code assigned by the supplier to uniquely identify the ITEM ID_ITM_SPR Identity integer SupplierItem(AS_ITM_SPR)
UnitOfMeasureCode (FK) The code used to specify the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken. This code relates to the UCC data element 355. CD_UOM Code varchar(20) UnitOfMeasure(CO_UOM)
DepthCount Defines the depth of a supplier item pack unit in supplier-item-linear-measure-unit-codes. QL_UN_RCV_DPTH Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)
WidthCount Defines the width of a supplier item pack unit in supplier-item-linear-measure-unit-codes. QL_UN_RCV_WD Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)
HeightCount Defines the height of a supplier item pack unit in supplier-item-linear-measure-unit-codes. QL_UN_RCV_HT Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
SupplierItem is received as SupplierItemReceivingUnit
UnitOfMeasure validates SupplierItemReceivingUnit
SupplierItemReceivingLevel validates SupplierItemReceivingUnit
ContainerType validates SupplierItemReceivingUnit
SupplierItemReceivingUnit is exploded into SupplierItemReceivingUnitConversionRule
SupplierItemReceivingUnit contains SupplierItemReceivingUnitConversionRule

Logical Views containing SupplierItemReceivingUnit

Logical View
Logical 01500 - Item Supplier View
Logical 01501 - Item Unit of Measure Types
Logical 02130 - Item Inventory - Receiving View