Entity Definition

Logical Name : TenderRepositoryTenderAccount
Physical Name : LE_ACNT_TND_RPSTY

An account held on the STORE FINANCIAL LEDGER of all TENDER movements by repository.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TenderRepositoryID (FK)(PK) The unique identifier for the TENDER RESPOSITORY. ID_RPSTY_TND Identity integer TenderRepository(AS_RPSTY_TND)
TenderTypeCode (FK)(PK) A code which uniquely identifies the type of tender, ie cash, check, credit card, etc. TY_TND Code varchar(20) Tender(AS_TND)
FinancialLedgerAccountID (FK) The reference for the FinancialLedgeraAccount ID_ACNT_LDG Identity integer FinancialLedgerAccount(CO_LE_ACNT_FN)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
TenderRepository is classified by TenderRepositoryTenderAccount
Tender is classified by TenderRepositoryTenderAccount
FinancialLedgerAccount classifies TenderRepositoryTenderAccount

Logical Views containing TenderRepositoryTenderAccount

Logical View
Logical 03110 - Reporting - Store Operations - Tender Settlement
Logical 04200 - Financial Ledger - Tender Ctrl Transaction View