Entity Definition

Logical Name : SessionTender
Physical Name : LE_TND_SSN

A collection of tender type accumulators by operator-workstation-session for a tender reconciliation period. This entity is used to support operator-workstation-session tender accountability.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TenderTypeCode (FK)(PK) A code which uniquely identifies the type of tender, ie cash, check, credit card, etc. TY_TND Code varchar(20) Tender(AS_TND)
SessionID (FK)(PK) A unique token ID for a Session instance. ID_SSN Identity integer Session(CO_SSN)
TotalTenderMediaOverCount The total number of tender media overages by SESSION. QU_MD_OVR_TND_TOT QuantityTransactionCount decimal(7,0)
TotalTenderMediaShortCount The total number of tender media shortages by SESSION. QU_MD_SHRT_TND_TOT QuantityTransactionCount decimal(7,0)
TotalBeginningTenderMediaUnitCount The opening balance of tender units at the beginning of the SESSION. QU_MD_TND_BGN_TOT QuantityTransactionCount decimal(7,0)
TotalTenderLoanMediaUnitCount The total number of tender loan media units by SESSION. QU_MD_TND_LON_TOT QuantityTransactionCount decimal(7,0)
TenderLoanMediaTotalAmount Total monetary amount of loans made by media type by SESSION. CP_MD_TND_LON_TOT Money decimal(16,5)
TotalTenderPickupMediaUnitCount The total number of tender pickup media units by SESSION. QU_MD_TND_PKP_TOT QuantityTransactionCount decimal(7,0)
PickupMediaTotalAmount Total monetary amount of pickups made by media type by SESSION. CP_MD_TND_PKP_TOT Money decimal(16,5)
DepositTotalAmount The total monetary value of tender media deposited in the EXTERNAL DEPSITORY by SESSION. CP_DS_TND_TOT Money decimal(16,5)
TotalTenderDepositMediaUnitCount The total number of tender media deposited in the EXTERNAL DEPOSITORY by SESSION. QU_MD_TND_DS_TOT QuantityTransactionCount decimal(7,0)
OverTotalAmount The total amount of tender overages by SESSION. CP_TND_OVR_TOT Money decimal(16,5)
ShortTotalAmount The total monetary amount of tender pickup media unit shortages by SESSION. CP_TND_SHRT_TOT Money decimal(16,5)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Tender is tracked by SessionTender
Session may include SessionTender

Logical Views containing SessionTender

Logical View
Logical 02410 - Control Transaction - Sign On Off View
Logical 02520 - Tender Control Transaction - Settlement View
Logical 03100 - Reporting - Store Operations - Macro View
Logical 03130 - Reporting - Store Operations - Session View
Logical 03140 - Reporting - Store Operations - Workstation View
Logical 03150 - Reporting - Store Operations - Operator View
Logical 03160 - Reporting - Store Operations - Till View
Logical 11160 - Worker - Reporting View