Entity Definition

Logical Name : GiftCertificateClass
Physical Name : CO_CLS_GF_CF

Defines a class of gift certificates and establishes the business rules governing their issuance and redemption.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
GiftCertificateTypeCode (PK) A retailer assigned category used to group different varieties of GiftCertificates based on different business rules around redemption, use of outstanding balance, expiration period, etc. TY_GF_CF Code2 char(2)
GiftCertificateMediaTypeCode (FK) A retailer assigned code denoting the format and media used to represent a GittCertificateClass CD_TYP_GF_CF_MD Code4 char(4) GiftCertificateMediaType(CO_TYP_GF_CF_MD)
ItemID (FK) A unique system assigned identifier for the retailer's SKU. ID_ITM IdentityUUID char(32) StockItem(AS_ITM_STK)
FinancialLedgerAccountID (FK) The reference for the FinancialLedgeraAccount ID_ACNT_LDG Identity integer FinancialLedgerAccount(CO_LE_ACNT_FN)
TypeDescription Describes a gift certificate type DE_TYP_GF_CF DescriptionShort varchar(255)
BusinessAffiliateName Identifies the business affiliate (i.e. a mall, another peer store, a union, etc.) on whose behalf this type of gift certificate is set up. NM_AF_BSN_GF_CF Name varchar(40)
RedemptionPeriodDayCount Defines the number of days this gift certificate remains outstanding and redeemable. QU_DY_RDM_PRD QuantityDayCount decimal(3,0)
UnspentBalanceDispositionCode Defines how the unspent balance for a gift certificate is to be handled. Options are to pay the balance back to the customer as cash, issue a 2nd gift certificate for the remaining balance, etc. DP_BLNC_UNSP_GF_CF Code4 char(4)
OpenAmountFlag Denotes that this class of GiftCertificate has no face value, and can be charged at purchase with any amount. FL_AMT_OPN Flag integer


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
FinancialLedgerAccount defines accounting disposition of GiftCertificateClass
GiftCertificateMediaType defines GiftCertificateClass
StockItem is actually GiftCertificateClass
GiftCertificateClass defines rules governing GiftCertificate
GiftCertificateClass isa ZPromotionalOfferRewardDiscount

Logical Views containing GiftCertificateClass

Logical View
Logical 01010 - Item Description - Subtype View