Entity Definition

Logical Name : TaxRateRule
Physical Name : RU_TX_RT

A rule denoting what percentage or monetary amount of tax is applied to a particular taxable total in a RetailTransaction

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TaxGroupRuleID (FK)(PK) System assigned unique identifier for the TaxGroupRule. ID_RU_TX_GRP Identity integer TaxGroupRule(RU_TX_GP)
TaxRateRuleSequenceNumber (PK) A sequential number for theTaxRateRule, denoting the order of creation of the rules. AI_TX_RT_RU LineNumber smallint
TaxResultTypeCode (FK) A retailer assigned mnemonic code denoting the kind of TaxResult. Eg: Standard, Exempt, ZeroRated CD_TYP_TX_RSLT Code4 char(4) TaxResultType(CO_TYP_TX_RSLT)
TaxRateRuleName The name of a tax rate rule NM_RU_TX_RT Name varchar(40)
TaxRateClassCode (FK) A retailer assigned mnemonic code denoting the class of TaxRate. Eg: Normal, Standard, Reduced, Luxury. CD_CLS_TX_RT Code4 char(4) TaxRateClass(CO_CLS_TX_RT)
TaxThresholdTypeCode (FK) A code that describes the categorization of how to process a tax if and when a stated threshold established for the taxable amount is reached, such as Exempt Entire Amount, Tax Entire Amount, Tax Only Amount above Threshold, etc. CD_TYP_TX_TH Code6 char(6) TaxThresholdType(CO_TYP_TX_TH)
TaxLevelTypeCode (FK) A categorization of tax levels that describe whether the results of the tax rule apply to the individual items, a multi-component time, or the entire transaction. CD_TYP_TX_LV Code6 char(6) TaxLevelType(CO_TYP_TX_LV)
ThresholdAmount An amount established for a threshold. MO_TH Money decimal(16,5)
CappedTaxableAmount An amount that establishes a limit on the price of a product that a tax can be applied to. MO_CAP_TXBL Money decimal(16,5)
CappedTaxAmount A restriction on the amount of tax that can be imposed. MO_CAP_TX Money decimal(16,5)
TaxPerUnitAmount An amount of tax or fee that may be based on the number of units of an item purchased. MO_TX_PR_UN Money decimal(16,5)
TaxPerUnitAmountUnitOfMeasureCode (FK) The code used to specify the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken. This code relates to the UCC data element 355. LU_UOM_TX_PR_UN Code varchar(20) UnitOfMeasure(CO_UOM)
TaxPerUnitCount The count of units that are applicable to a tax per unit amount. QU_TX_PR_UN Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)
MinimumTaxableAmount The minimum taxable amount (for instance, of the net price after promotions and price modifications) that this TaxRateRule applies to. MO_TXBL_MNM Money decimal(16,5)
MaximumTaxableAmount The maximum taxable amount (for instance, of the net price after promotions and price modifications) that this TaxRateRule applies to MO_TXBL_MXM Money decimal(16,5)
CappedRate A limit on the effective aggregate tax rate that can be applied. FD_CAP_RT ExchangeRate decimal(14,9)
TaxRateRuleAmount The flat tax amount that is to be applied MO_RT_TX Money decimal(16,5)
TaxRateRulePercent The percentage tax-rate that is to be applied PE_TX_RT Percent decimal(7,4)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
TaxGroupRule is applicable to TaxRateRule
TaxRateClass classifies TaxRateRule
UnitOfMeasure measures TaxRateRule
TaxThresholdType categorizes TaxRateRule
TaxResultType is applicable to TaxRateRule
TaxLevelType categorizes TaxRateRule
TaxRateRule is summarized in WorkstationTaxHistory
TaxRateRule is summarized in StoreTaxHistory
TaxRateRule is updated by TaxRateRuleMaintenance
TaxRateRule is summarized in TillTaxHistory
TaxRateRule is summarized in OperatorTaxHistory
TaxRateRule is summarized in SessionTax

Logical Views containing TaxRateRule

Logical View
Logical 03130 - Reporting - Store Operations - Session View
Logical 03160 - Reporting - Store Operations - Till View
Logical 05000 - Taxation - Macro View
Logical 05100 - Taxation - Rules View
Logical 05300 - Taxation - Inventory Control Document View
Logical 05400 - Taxation - Reporting View - Tax Rule Reference
Logical 06700 - Event Scheduler View