Entity Definition

Logical Name : CustomerRebateClaim
Physical Name : TR_CT_RBT_CLM

A paper or electronic document or other evidence of purchase along with a set of supporting data used to substantiate a customer request for payment based on the terms and conditions offered by the rebate sponsor. Rebate claims are submitted to a RebateProcessor to be validated, adjudicated and paid. Typically a rebate claim for a consumer is accompanied by the UPC from the product package, a copy of the retailer receipt and customer contact data (for check mailing purposes). Typically a retailer will not capture a customer-prepared rebate claim. That should be acceptable since a vendor-paid and processed rebate lies outside the retailer's accounting and financial reporting scope. Instant rebates that involve the payment of tender to a customer by the retailer requires a claim to connect the retailer-sponsor billback, discount (or whatever vehicle used to recognize the vendor liability and expense) to a rebate program and retail transaction.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RebateClaimID (PK) A token ID for this RebateClaim entity type instance. ID_CT_RBT_CLM Identity integer
RebateProgramID (FK) A token identifier for RebateProgram entity type instances. ID_RBT_PRGM Identity integer RebateProgram(RBT_PRGM)
RebateClaimantTypeCode A code that designates the category of claimant that is filing this RebateClaim. Valid values are: CUSTOMER - shopper who purchased product RETAILER - retailer gets the rebate based on satisfying contractually defined criteria CD_RBT_CLMNT_TYP Code varchar(20)
ClaimFileDateTime The actual date and time a claim is filed. Note that for mail in rebates where the customer is responsible for meeting eligibility criteria include ClaimLastPostalDate this attribute will be null. Only retailer controlled rows DT_CLM_FLE_DT_TM DateTime datetime
StatusCode Designates the CURRENT state of this RebateClaim entity type instance. Valid values based on POSLOG6 are: New ProofReceived ProofIncomplete VerificationComplete RejectedInvalidProof RejectedDueToReturn Voided Duplicate CheckBeingProcessed CheckMailed Closed CD_STS Code varchar(20)
RebateClaimAmount The monetary value for this RebateClaim MO_RBT_CLM_AMT Money decimal(16,5)
RebateClaimItemRetailSellingUnitQuantity Th actual quantity of retail selling units for an item submitted on a RebateClaim. For rebates where customers are the target beneficiary this quantity will be based on what is sold and recorded in a retail transaction line item (i.e. SaleReturnLineItem). For rebates where the retailer is the target beneficiary the claim quantity may be an aggregate value covering multiple retail transactions. QU_RBT_CLM_ITM_RTL_SLLN_UN Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)
StatusEffectiveDateTime The date and time the StatusCode value was last modified to reflect the current status. DT_STS_EF_DT_TM EffectiveDateTime datetime


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
RebateProgram defines rules for CustomerRebateClaim
CustomerRebateClaim is presented as RebateClaimDocument
CustomerRebateClaim can be a
CustomerRebateClaim can be a

No Logical Views for CustomerRebateClaim