Entity Definition

Logical Name : GeographicalSegmentStatisticsArea

This is a generic entity type that represents any country's geographic area for aggregating population counts, business activity, geographic features, etc. There are hundreds of different ways country's handle statsitical reporting by geographical area. In The US the Census Bureau has a well defined system for coding geographic regions (but it only applies to the US). This entity serves as a place holder for representing world-wide varieties of geocoding areas for statistical purposes.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
GeographicSegmentID (FK)(PK) Token ID for a GeographicSegment which is used to categorize customers based on where they live, shop and work. ID_GEO_SGMT Identity integer GeographicSegment(CO_GEO_SGMT)
GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroupID (FK)(PK) Token Identifier for a CustomerSegmentHierarchyGroup instance. ID_GEO_SGMT_HRC_GP Identity integer GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup(CO_GEO_SGMT_HRC_GP)
EffectiveDate Date this GeographicalSegmentStatisticalArea may be used for analysis. DC_EF EffectiveDate date
ExpirationDate Date this GeographicalSegmentStatisticalArea may no longer be used for analysis. DC_EP ExpirationDate date
StatusCode Current status of this GeographicSegementStatisticsArea. Valid values are A - Active, I-Inactive SC_GEO_SGMT_STSTCL_AR Code2Status char(2)
StatisticsAreaName The business name of the GeographicalSegementStatisticsArea NM_STSTCL_AR DescriptionShort varchar(255)
StatisticsAreaReportingAuthorityName The name of the authority that collects and uses the statistics collected for the geographic area. Example US Census. NM_STSTCL_AR_RP_ATHY DescriptionShort varchar(255)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
GeographicSegment owns GeographicalSegmentStatisticsArea
GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup defines aggregation group for GeographicalSegmentStatisticsArea

Logical Views containing GeographicalSegmentStatisticsArea

Logical View
Logical 05100 - Taxation - Rules View
Logical 07030 - Customer Segment Independent Characteristics
Logical 10108 - Enterprise - Physical Locations View
Logical 10108 - Enterprise - Physical Locations View