Entity Definition

Logical Name : GeophysicalCoordinateSystem
Physical Name : LO_CRDN_TYP

A system of identifying geo-physical locations. Eg: Latitude & Longitude, National Survey, Census ISO-6709 defines a standardised representation of Latitude, Longitude & Altitude: �DDMMSS.SS�DDDMMSS.SS�AAAA.AA/ where: � = direction identitier DD & DDD = Degrees of latitude & longitude MM = Minutes of latitude & longitude SS.SS = Seconds of latitude & longitude AAAA.AA = metres of altitude / = terminator So the summit of Mt Everest is represented by +27.5916+086.5640+8850/

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
GeophysicalCoordinateSystemTypeCode (PK) A retailer assigned mnemonic code denoting the geo-physical co-ordinate system. CD_TYP_CRDN_GEO Code2 char(2)
GeophysicalCoordinateSystemName The name of the geo-physical co-ordinate system. NM_CRDN_GEO Name varchar(40)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
GeophysicalCoordinateSystem defines GeophysicalLocationCoordinate

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