Entity Definition

Logical Name : TankLevelGauge
Physical Name : AS_GGE_TNK_LV

A piece of equipment that takes measurements from TANK_PROBEs to report the amount of Fuel in TANK.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RetailStoreID (FK)(PK) A unique retailer assigned identifier for an RetailStore, DistributionCenter or AdministrationCenter ID_STR_RTL Identity integer RetailStore(PA_STR_RTL)
TankLevelGaugeID (PK) A unique identifier for the Tank Level Gauge ID_GGE_TNK_LV Identity integer
EquipmentID (FK) The fixed asset number assigned by the retailer for this particular piece of equipment. ID_EQ Identity integer Equipment(AS_EQ)
UnitOfMeasureCode (FK) The code used to specify the units in which a value is being expressed, or manner in which a measurement has been taken. This code relates to the UCC data element 355. CD_UOM Code varchar(20) UnitOfMeasure(CO_UOM)
ReferenceTemperature The temperature value used in the caluclations to adjust TotalObservedVolume into the temperature corrected GrossObservedVolume In Europe this is 15C in the U.S.A this is 60F QU_TEMP_RFC QuantityShortCount decimal(3,0)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
UnitOfMeasure defines counting units for TankLevelGauge
RetailStore houses TankLevelGauge
Equipment is a TankLevelGauge

Logical Views containing TankLevelGauge

Logical View
Logical 06400 - Store Equipment View
Logical 20000 - Forecourt Macro View
Logical 20050 - Forecourt Tank Gauge View