Entity Definition

Logical Name : RewardVoucherDocument
Physical Name : DO_RWD_VCHR_DCM

A subtype of RetailTransactionDocument issued to a customer which entitles them to receive a discount on purchases they make. In retail voucher is a term that is used to cover a number of different kinds of money back offers to customers. From an accounting point of view, a voucher is a non-currency document that may be used as part of a payment tender to settle a transaction. In this context, a voucher can be viewed as a kind of tender. Coinstar, for example allows customers to pay in coins and receive a voucher they may use to pay for products. As used here, a RewardVoucherDocument is used to REDUCE THE PRICE OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES purchased by a customer. Technically it is NOT a type of tender -- it is a DISCOUNT not a type of tender.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
RetailTransactionDocumentID (FK)(PK) A token identifier for a RetailTransactionDocument instance. ID_RTL_TRN_DCM Identity integer

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