Entity Definition

Logical Name : DepositRedemptionLineItem
Physical Name : TR_LTM_DPRD

A line item component of a RETAIL TRANSACTION that records the dollar amount to be debited or credited to a deposit receivable or payable account and added to or subtracted from the balance due total of the transaction.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
TransactionID (FK)(PK) A universally unique identifier (UUID) for the Transaction. This may be assembled from alternate key members. ID_TRN IdentityUUID char(32)
RetailTransactionLineItemSequenceNumber (FK)(PK) The sequence number of line item within the context of this RetailTransaction. IC_LN_ITM LineNumber smallint
DepositRedemptionTypeCode (FK) Defines the type of deposit or redemption. In addition to distinguishing between deposits (i.e. deposits on bottles, etc.) and redemptions, this code allows the store to establish different categories of deposits and redemptions. LU_RDM_DS Code2 char(2) DepositRedemption(TR_DPRD)
Amount The monetary amount of a deposit or redemption. MO_DS Money decimal(16,5)
UnitCount The number of containers, bottles, racks, cases, etc. involved in the deposit or redemption. For example a redemption of $5.00 for 100 aluminum cans - 100 here is the unit count. QU_DS Quantity DECIMAL(9,3)
UnitOfMeasureCode The unit of measures applied for counting the number of units involved in a deposit or redemption. Examples include cans, cases, racks, bottles, etc. LU_UOM_DS Code2 char(2)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
DepositRedemption defines rules for DepositRedemptionLineItem
RetailTransactionLineItem can be a DepositRedemptionLineItem

Logical Views containing DepositRedemptionLineItem

Logical View
Logical 02300 - Retail Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02395 - Retail Transaction - Deposit Redemption View
Logical 04100 - Financial Ledger - Retail Transaction View
Logical 07200 - Customer Purchase Transaction History View