Entity Definition

Logical Name : CustomerLedgerReportingClassification
Physical Name : CO_CT_LDG_RP_CLSFN

Accouning classifications are used to identify, name and describe different kinds of periodic balances and accumulators used to summarize customer transaction activity over a period of time. This entity identifies standard named sets of accounting classifications for each kind of customer account. For example, accrued interest would typiically be a classification associated with any account type that extends credit to a customer. A deposit (which is technically unearned revenue) would typically be part of a layaway account since revenue is not earned until the items are transferred to the customer. This table enables retailers to tailor customer accounts and the types of accumulators and balances tracked for each type.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ReportingClassificationCode (PK) A code used to classify the monetary values, unit counts and quantities that are accumulated in the CustomerAccountLedger and CustomerAccountJournal. The range of values varies depending on the CustomerAccountType and varieites of financial, non-finanicl unit counts and other quantities tracked by a retailer. Some samples include SALES $'s and units RETURN $;s and units TRANSACTION_COUNTs etc. It is up to each retailer to design its ledger categories for reporting and analyizing its business. CD_RP_CLSFN Code varchar(20)
CustomerAccountTypeCode (FK)(PK) Determines what kind of customer account this is. Examples include a trade account, a school account, a not-for-profit, regular customer, etc. LOYALTY - customer loyalty account for tracking points earned/redeemed REBATE -Customer reward account that pays customers based on cumulative net purchases over a deisgnated period of time TRADE - customer business credit account CONSUMER_CHG - customer individual consumer credit extended by retailer INSTALLMENT - credit account set up for one time purchase LAYAWAY - cash time payment account (not credit) RENTAL - customer rental for videos, equipment WORKORDER - account for handling services like installation and set up BACKORDER - account for handling backorder deposit and adjustments. TY_CTAC Code varchar(20) CustomerAccountType(CO_CT_ACNT_TYP)
Name The business name used in reporting for the CustomerLedgerReportingClassification. NM_RP_CLSFN Name varchar(40)
CustomerAccountValuationUnitTypeCode (FK) A code that identifies a kind of valuation unit. Examples include: MONEY POINTS MILES GALLONS VISITS others that are relevant to a retailer CD_CT_ACNT_VLN_UN_TYP Code varchar(20) CustomerAccountValuationUnitType(CO_CT_ACNT_VLN_UN_TYP)
AccumulationTimeHorizonCode Determines if this reporting classification is a LIFETIME accumulation or a REPORTING PERIOD accumulation. Reporting period accumulations are transferrred to history and zeroed out at period end. Lifetime accumulations are not zeroed out at the end of a reporting period. The intent of this code is to enable retailers to maintin lifetime customer balances for promotional program execution purposes (as opposed to pure analytics) CD_ACCMLTN_TM_HRZN Code varchar(20)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
CustomerAccountType governs CustomerLedgerReportingClassification
CustomerAccountValuationUnitType defines units used for CustomerLedgerReportingClassification
CustomerLedgerReportingClassification classifies measures for CustomerAccountLedger

Logical Views containing CustomerLedgerReportingClassification

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Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended