Entity Definition

Logical Name : WorkstationRuleTender
Physical Name : RU_TND_WS

A limitation for a specific Workstation on what types of tenders may be accepted. For instance, a Workstation without a card reader may be restricted to cash and checks only.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
WorkstationGroupID (FK)(PK) A unique identifier for a group of WORKSTATIONs. This could refer to the WORKSTATIONs at the checkout, delicatessen, customer service or in the goods receiving area of the store. ID_GP_WS Identity integer WorkstationRule(RU_WS)
WorkstationRuleTypeCode (FK)(PK) A code that refers to a specific WORKSTATION RULE type. TY_RU_WS Code2 char(2) WorkstationRule(RU_WS)
WorkstationRuleNumber (FK)(PK) A reference number for a specific WORKSTATION RULE. ID_RU_WS Identity integer WorkstationRule(RU_WS)
TenderTypeCode (FK)(PK) A code which uniquely identifies the type of tender, ie cash, check, credit card, etc. TY_TND Code varchar(20) Tender(AS_TND)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
WorkstationRule authorizes collection of WorkstationRuleTender
Tender collection authorized by WorkstationRuleTender

Logical Views containing WorkstationRuleTender

Logical View
Logical 06210 - Access Control - Rules View