Entity Definition

Logical Name : CustomerReward
Physical Name : TR_CT_RWD

The generic entity used to represent different kinds of customer rewards offered by retailers to induce customers to purchase products and services. The nature of rewards varies. They all involve some common elements including: Eligibility Critieria - conditions a customer and their purchases must satisfy to be eligible to earn rewards. Examples include sales volume, frequency, purchasing specific items or item categories, etc. Reward Derivation - the calculation of the value of a reward. The value may be in monetary units, points,miles, etc. Reward derivation transforms the volume associated with eligibility conditions into a quantity of reward currency (points, money, miles, etc.) Reward Disposition - the timing and method used to redeem a reward. Disposition may be immediate in the current transaction or it may be deferred to a future redemption. Reward disposition is typically a decision made within a line item (e.g. instant, automatic coupons), a transaction or at the account level (deferred). Reward Financial Classification - rewards and the way they are disposed of have different financial accounting implications. This is where those implications are expressed as financial accounting rules.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
CustomerMembeshiprProgramAccountID (FK)(PK) Token ID for a CustomerMemberProgramAccount. ID_CT_MBR_PRGM_ACNT Identity integer CustomerMembershipProgramAccount(LE_CT_MBRSHP_PRGM_ACNT)
RewardID (FK)(PK) A token identifier for a Reward instance. ID_RWD Identity integer Reward(TR_RWD)
CustomerRebateAccountProgramID (FK) A token ID for a CustomerRebateAccountProgram ID_CT_RBT_ACNT_PRGM Identity integer CustomerRebateAccountProgram(CO_CT_RBT_ACNT_PRGM)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
CustomerRebateAccountProgram defines basis for CustomerReward
CustomerMembershipProgramAccount defines basis for CustomerReward
Reward is instantiated as CustomerReward

Logical Views containing CustomerReward

Logical View
Logical 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level