Entity Definition

Logical Name : METARWeatherCondition
Physical Name : CO_METAR_WTHR_CN

METAR encoded weather report for a specific ICAO location at a specific date and time (in UTC format). ARTS is using METAR because it is an INTERNATIONAL standard that establishes a single structure and value list for reporting weather all over the world. It is not perfect but it is the best option. This entity contains METAR attributes that are of use to retailers. METAR itself is used by pilots, airports and weather reporting stations to exchange weather for flight safety purposes.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
METARWeatherCondiitionID (PK) Token ID for each METAR Weather condition row. Typically METAR reports are made once per hour per ICAO location. Only locations tied to retailer Sites will have weather conditions reported. Also, retailers may choose to limit the forecasts to once or twice a day. The granularity of weather tracking for retail sales analysis and reporting is less rigorous thant for flight safety and control. ID_METAR_WTHR_CN Identity integer
CalendarMonth (AK) The calendar month for a weather condition report. MN_CLD DateCalendarMonth char(2)
CalendarYear (AK) The calendar year for a weather condition report. YR_CLD DateCalendarYear char(4)
UniversalReportingTime (AK) The universal itme for a weather condition report using the following format: DDHHMMZ DD - day of the month HH - Hour (24 hour format) MM - Minute Z - "Zulu time" which is Greenwich Mean Time TS_UNVRSL_RP_TM UniversalTime char(7)
Reporting (AK)(FK) International code used to designate airport/weather reporting stations. This is the closest thing to an international standard for designating weather forecasting/current condition reporting areas. It's value for ARTS is that it is an international standard ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization CD_ICAO Code4External char(4) METARweatherSite(LU_METAR_WTHR_STE)
WeatherConditionTypeCode (FK) Code used to identify a collection of weather characteristics that are important to a retailer in tracking sales and operations. CD_WTHR_CN_TYP Code varchar(20) WeatherConditionType(CO_WTHR_CN_TYP)
METARWeatherRemarksDescription This is a string value that is used to supplement the other baseline METAR codes with more detailed weather reporting data. For ARTS only some of the many METAR standard codes will be relevant. RMK (literal that tells that this set of strings is a remark) String Definition 4xxxxnnnn 24 hr Max (x) Min (n) temp in .1 degC units, 1st digit 1 for neg 4/sss Snow coverage in inches 98/mmm Equiv. sunshine for day in minutes SLPppp Sea level pressure in .1 mb (.1 mb (142 = 1014.2 mb) Other METAR may be added later. Note we are following METAR's standard which is clearly not normlized. DE_METAR_WTHR DescriptionShort varchar(255)
METARWindConditionCode METAR String used to report wind conditions. Format is as follows: dddssKT OR dddssGggKT ddd = Wind direction in degrees ss = sustained wind speed G = means there are gusts gg = gust wind speed KT = constant that indicate U/M is knots MPS = constant that indicates U/M is meters per second. CD_METAR_WND_CN Code varchar(20)
METARVisibilityCode METAR string used to specify visibility vvSM = visibility in statute miles vvKM = visibility in kilometers Visibility value, vv may be expressed as partil SM or KM like 1 1/2SM or 3/16KM So we have to interpret this positioinally CD_METAR_VSBLTY Code varchar(20)
METARWeatherConditionCode Defines a basic set of weather conditions. This may be supplemented by METARWeatherRemarks iiddppooxx where ii = intensity values - = light + = heavy blank = moderate VC = in vincinity dd = descriptor values: MI = shallow PR = partial BC = patches DR = low drifting BL = blowing SH = shower TS = thunderstorem FZ = freezing pp = precipitation condition DZ = drizzle RA = rain SN = snow SG = snow grains IC = ice crystals PE = ice pellets GR = hail UP = unknown oo = obscuration condition BR = mist FG = fog FU = smoke VA = volcanic ash DU = dust HZ = haze PY = spray xx = misc. condition PO = dust whirls SQ = squalls FC = tornado/funnel cloud SS = duststom CD_METAR_WTHR_CN Code varchar(20)
METARCloudConditionCode Defines cloud coverage and level Format: ccchhhtt ccc = cloud coverage CLR = clear SKC = clear FEW = 1/8 coverage BKN = 5,6, 7/8 coverage OVC = Overcast VV = vertical visibility for obscuration hhh = height of cloud base in 30m or 100 ft increments (30 = 3000 ft) tt = cloud type CU = cumulus CB = cumulonumbus TCU = towering cumulus CI = cirrus CAVOK = clear skies, unlimited visability (overwirtes the ccchhtt format if it's clear) CD_METAR_CLD_CN Code4External char(4)
METARTemperatureDewPoint METAR convention for recording the temperature (one value) and dew point (2nd value). Values are reported WHOLE DEGREES CELSIUS. Sub zero temperature (celsius) is indcated by an M in front of the whole number degrees. Format MCC/MCC M - not present or value of M for minus CC - Two digit temp in whole deg celsius QU_METAR_TEMP_DEW_PNT Code varchar(20)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
WeatherConditionType characterizes METARWeatherCondition
METARweatherSite is origin of METARWeatherCondition
METARWeatherCondition defines weather conditions for Transaction

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Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior
Logical 10102 - EnterpriseWeather