Entity Definition

Logical Name : TaxCertificate
Physical Name : PA_TX_CF

A document that certifies that a Customer holds a special tax status that may exempt or reduce the amount of tax that is withheld by a Seller.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
IssuedToPartyID (FK)(PK) A unique, system assigned identity for a Party. ID_PRTY_ISS_TO Identity integer Party(PA_PRTY)
TaxCertificateSequenceNumber (PK) A sequential counter used to uniquely identify a tax certificate for a specific party. AI_PA_TX_CF LineNumber smallint
TaxCertificateTypeCode (FK) A code that describes a categorization of tax certificate types, such as exemption, zero rated, reverse charges, etc. CD_TYP_TX_CF TaxCertificateTypeCode varchar(50) TaxCertificateType(CO_TYP_TX_CF)
IssuedByPartyID (FK) A unique, system assigned identity for a Party. ID_PRTY Identity integer Organization(PA_ORGN)
IssuerCertificateID The certificate number assigned to a purchaser by a Tax Authority exempting the purchaser from tax in that authority. ED_ISS_CF IdentityAlphaNumeric varchar(20)
CertificateHolderName The name of the certificate holder as it appears on the certificate. NM_CF_HLDR Name varchar(40)
CertificateFormID An identifier of the form for the Certificate. ID_CF IdentityAlphaNumeric varchar(20)
CertificateIssueDate The date that the Certificate was issued to the holder DC_CF_ISS EffectiveDate date
CertificateExpirationDate The date that the certificate expires. DC_CF_EP ExpirationDate date


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Organization issues TaxCertificate
TaxCertificateType categorizes TaxCertificate
Party holds TaxCertificate
TaxCertificate applies to SaleReturnTaxExemptionModifier
TaxCertificate is covered by TaxCertificateProgramCoverage
TaxCertificate applies to TaxExemptionModifier
TaxCertificate applies to CustomerOrderProductTaxExemptionModifier
TaxCertificate applies to CustomerOrderChargeTaxExemptionModifier

Logical Views containing TaxCertificate

Logical View
Logical 02320 - Retail Transaction - Taxation View
Logical 02341 - Retail Transaction - Change for Charities View
Logical 05000 - Taxation - Macro View
Logical 05050 - Taxation - Registration and Certification View