Entity Definition

Logical Name : ConsumerConversionState
Physical Name : CO_CT_CVN_ST

An association between a Consumer and a retailer defined ConversionState that tracks the state change of parties as they convert from one conversion state to another. Specific states to be tracked are defined by each retailer based on their business requirements. Examples of states include: General Population (null and undefined) AUDIENCE - part of a group that is receiving retailer messages PROSPECT - An audience with assumed needs, wants and pref. VISITOR - an individual who comes into a store or web site SHOPPER - a visitor that browses through the products and services offered at a retailer business unit (web or physical store) CUSTOMER - a shopper that purchases a product These are examples. As noted, retailers need to define their own ConversionStates.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ConsumerrConversionStateID (PK) Token ID for a PartyConversionState instance. ID_CT_CVN_ST Identity integer
EffectiveDateTime Date and time the consumer conversion state becomes effective. This represents the start point of a given consumer-state tenure. DT_EF EffectiveDateTime datetime
ExpirationDateTime Date and time the consumer conversion state exires. This represents the endt point of a given consumer-state tenure. DT_EP ExpirationDateTime datetime
CurrentStatus Indicates if this is the currently active STATE of a Party - ConversionState association. Note that only ONE association may be active at any point in time. CD_STS Code2Status char(2)
ConversionStateCode (FK) A code used to designate the conversion status or condition of a party. (See ConversionState ET definition) CD_CVN_ST Code varchar(20) ConversionState(CO_CVN_ST)
ConversionEventID (FK) A token ID for a ConversionEvent ID_CVN_EV Identity integer ConversionEvent(CO_CVN_EV)
ConsumerID (FK) Token ID for a Consumer instance. ID_CNS Identity integer Consumer(PA_CNS)
ChannelID (FK) Token Identifier for a channel instance ID_CHNL Identity integer ConversionEvent(CO_CVN_EV)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ConversionEvent triggers change in ConsumerConversionState
Consumer is in a state defined by ConsumerConversionState
ConversionState defines status of ConsumerConversionState
ConsumerConversionState is one of Visitor
ConsumerConversionState defines condition for Customer

Logical Views containing ConsumerConversionState

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