Entity Definition

Logical Name : PartyRoleAssignment
Physical Name : PA_RO_PRTY

Temporal record of when the Party became (and ceased to be) related to the Retail Enterprise via the PartyRole. This entity represents the different varieties of relationships that may exist between the retailer and other organizations and individuals (parties) through time (hence the effective and expiration dates).

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
PartyRoleAssignmentID (PK) Token identifier for a PartyRoleAssignmentInstance. ID_PRTY_RO_ASGMT Identity integer
PartyID (FK) A unique, system assigned identity for a Party. ID_PRTY Identity integer Party(PA_PRTY)
PartyRoleTypeCode (FK) A code that identifies a group of PARTY ROLES. This is used for subtyping the PARTY ROLEs. TY_RO_PRTY Code6 char(6) PartyRole(PA_RO_PRTY_TYP)
StatusCode A retailer assigned code denoting the current status of the PartyRoleAssignment. SC_RO_PRTY Code2 char(2)
EffectiveDate The date that this role is valid. DC_EF_RO_PRTY EffectiveDate date
ExpirationDate The date that this role is no longer valid. DC_EP_RO_PRTY ExpirationDate date


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Party acts in PartyRoleAssignment
PartyRole describes PartyRoleAssignment
PartyRoleAssignment is a CustomerAgent
PartyRoleAssignment is a TaxAuthority
PartyRoleAssignment ia a RebateProcessor
PartyRoleAssignment is a CustomerMembershipProgramSponsor
PartyRoleAssignment is a Charity
PartyRoleAssignment is a CustomerMembershipProgramProcessor
PartyRoleAssignment is a TenderMediaCoSponsor
PartyRoleAssignment is a Consumer
PartyRoleAssignment is a Worker
PartyRoleAssignment is a RebateSponsor
PartyRoleAssignment is a DonationProcessor
PartyRoleAssignment is a PaymentServiceProvider
PartyRoleAssignment is a ExternalPartyIdentificationProvider
PartyRoleAssignment is a Competitor
PartyRoleAssignment is a Vendor
PartyRoleAssignment is a School
PartyRoleAssignment is a OperationalParty
PartyRoleAssignment is a WorkerCertificationIssuingBody
PartyRoleAssignment is a TenderAuthorizationProvider
PartyRoleAssignment is a ExternalDepositoryParty
PartyRoleAssignment is contacted via PartyContactMethod

Logical Views containing PartyRoleAssignment

Logical View
Logical 02340 - Retail Transaction - Shipping View
Logical 02341 - Retail Transaction - Change for Charities View
Logical 02350 - Retail Transaction - Restriction Validation View
Logical 05050 - Taxation - Registration and Certification View
Logical 05100 - Taxation - Rules View
Logical 06310 - Party - Role View
Logical 06320 - Party - Address and Contact View
Logical 06330 - Party - Identification View
Logical 07000 - Core Customer Entities
Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended
Logical 07015 - Customer Lifecycle and Registration
Logical 07017 - Consumer-Customer Lifecycle Context View
Logical 07019 - Party-Consumer-Customer Household View
Logical 07020 - Enterprise Anonymous Customer
Logical 07030 - Customer Segment Independent Characteristics
Logical 07042 - Customer Wallet Share
Logical 10108 - Enterprise - Physical Locations View
Logical 10108 - Enterprise - Physical Locations View
Logical 10110 - Enterprise - Location Retailer Organization View
Logical 11100 - Worker - Macro View