Entity Definition

Logical Name : ContainerType
Physical Name : ID_TYP_CNR

A valid UCC type of container which may be used to transport shipping units between a supplier and a store, a store and a store, etc.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ContainerTypeCode (PK) A category of container that defines what it is made of, its type (primarily its material handling category - e.g. 55 gallon drums, pallets, cases, etc.) and its shape. CD_CNR_TYP Code varchar(20)
UCCPackagingMaterialCode A UCC defined code that describes the material used to fabricate the CONTAINER TYPE. This code uses the UCC 103 packaging code date element value list for packaging materials. LU_MTR_PCKG Code4External char(4)
UCCPackagingFormCode The UCC code to denote the type of packaging from the UCC 103 packaging code data element list.. LU_FRM_PCKG Code4External char(4)
Description A description of the container type. DE_CNTR Name varchar(40)
PackagingShapeCode (FK) Designated code used to characterize the geometric form of a ShipmentContainer or package. CD_PCKGNG_SHPE Code varchar(20) PackagingShape(CO_PCKGNG_SHPE)
PackageTypeCode (FK) A code used to classify packages for transportation purposes. CD_PKG_TYP Code varchar(20) PackageType(CO_PKG_TYP)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
PackageType defines ContainerType
PackagingShape defines ContainerType
ContainerType validates ShipmentContainer
ContainerType validates SupplierItemReceivingUnit

Logical Views containing ContainerType

Logical View
Logical 01500 - Item Supplier View
Logical 01501 - Item Unit of Measure Types
Logical 02130 - Item Inventory - Receiving View
Logical 02309 - Retail Transaction Delivery