Entity Definition

Logical Name : AssociatedGeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup

This entity defines associations between GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup instances and is the mechanism used to assemble them into hierarchies of parents and children. This data model pattern is the same one used for the merchandise hierarchy and the business unit group hierarchy.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
AssociatedGeographicSegmentHierarchyID (PK) Token ID for an AssociatedCustomerSegmentHierarchyGroup. This is to uniquely identify the relationship between two customer segment hierarchy groups where one is the parent and one is the child. ID_ASCTN_GEO_SGMT_HRC_GP Identity integer
Child (AK)(FK) Token Identifier for a CustomerSegmentHierarchyGroup instance. ID_ST_SGMT_HRC_GP_CHLD Identity integer GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup(CO_GEO_SGMT_HRC_GP)
Parent (AK)(FK) Token Identifier for a CustomerSegmentHierarchyGroup instance. ID_ST_SGMT_HRC_GP_PRNT Identity integer GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup(CO_GEO_SGMT_HRC_GP)
ChildHierarchyLevelNumber (AK)(FK) The relative position of a level within a CustomerSegmentHierarchy. Level 0 is the ROOT or highest level of a hierarchy. The level number is incremented for the next LOWER level. IC_PRNT_HRC_LV_NMB LineNumber smallint GeographicSegmentHierarchyLevel(CO_GEO_SGMT_HRC_LV)
GeographicSegmentHierarchyID (AK)(FK) A token ID for a CustomerSegmentHierarchy ID_GEO_SGMT_HRC Identity integer GeographicSegmentHierarchyLevel(CO_GEO_SGMT_HRC_LV)
EffectiveDate Date the association is effective. DT_EF EffectiveDate date
ExpirationDate Date the association expires. DT_EP ExpirationDate date


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup is a child of AssociatedGeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup
GeographicSegmentHierarchyLevel defines level for AssociatedGeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup
GeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup is a parent of AssociatedGeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup

Logical Views containing AssociatedGeographicSegmentHierarchyGroup

Logical View
Logical 05100 - Taxation - Rules View
Logical 07030 - Customer Segment Independent Characteristics
Logical 10108 - Enterprise - Physical Locations View
Logical 10108 - Enterprise - Physical Locations View