Entity Definition

Logical Name : WorkerClassification
Physical Name : CO_ASGMT_WRKR_CLS

Record of a particular Worker's assignment to a particular set of terms and conditions during a period of time.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
WorkerClassCode (FK)(PK) A unique retailer assigned code denoting a group of Workers with similar terms and conditions of employment. e..g E7,M3, CD_CLS_WRKR Code4 char(4) WorkerClass(CO_CLS_WRKR)
WorkerID (FK)(PK) A unique system-assigned identifier for the Person who is a particular Worker. ID_WRKR Identity integer Worker(PA_WRKR)
EffectiveDate The date the Worker was assigned to the new WorkerClass. DC_EF EffectiveDate date
ExpirationDate The date the Worker was no longer assigned to the WorkerClass. DC_EP ExpirationDate date


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Worker is classified via WorkerClassification
WorkerClass delineates WorkerClassification

Logical Views containing WorkerClassification

Logical View
Logical 11100 - Worker - Macro View