Entity Definition

Logical Name : PartyTypePartyRoleControl

A control entity type that indicates what combinations of PartyTypes and PartyRoles will be monitored for consumer conversion analysis. This entity exists to provide retailers with the flexibility to control which combinations of people, organizations, households and communities and the roles they assume will be tracked for consumer state change tracking and analysis. The ARTS recommendation is to track PERSON and ORGANIZATION party types that play the role of CONSUMER. The rationale for this is that COMMUNITY and HOUSEHOLD party type activity is trackable through individual member actions. It is possible for one member of a household to be a CUSTOMER while another is a PROSPECT. Traking conversion state by PERSON or ORGANIZATION allows the retailer to keep that detailed resolution. For retailers that choose to lump PERSONS, ORGANIZATIONS, HOUSEHOLDS and COMMUNITIES together this entity enables them to address conversion at an aggregate level.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
PartyTypePartyRoleProcessRuleID (PK) Unique token ID for a PartyTypePartyRoleCOntrol instance. This is a rule ID. ID_PRTY_TYP_PRTY_RO_PCS_RU Identity integer
PartyTypeCode (FK) Code that identifes a category of party. Sample values include: PR Person OR Organization AN Anonymous (unknown) HH Household CO Community CD_PRTY_TYP Code varchar(20) PartyType(LU_PA_TYP)
PartyRoleTypeCode (FK) A code that identifies a group of PARTY ROLES. This is used for subtyping the PARTY ROLEs. TY_RO_PRTY Code6 char(6) PartyRole(PA_RO_PRTY_TYP)
ConsumerConversionStateTrackingFlag A boolean indicator that tells if this combination of PartyType and PartyRole is subject to ConsumerConversionStateTracking or not. If set to yes all of the entities related to consumer conversion tracking and path to purchase are applicable. If set to NO the entities related to consumer conversion tracking and path to purchase are not applicable and ought not be instantiated for the PartyType-PartyRole combination. FL_CNS_CVN_ST_TRCK Flag integer


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
PartyRole defines role covered by PartyTypePartyRoleControl
PartyType defines context for PartyTypePartyRoleControl

Logical Views containing PartyTypePartyRoleControl

Logical View
Logical 07010 - Customer Account Information Extended