Entity Definition

Logical Name : Reason
Physical Name : CO_CD_RSN

A retailer determined reason code for classifying data and actions within the systems of the retail enterprise.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ReasonCode (PK) A unique retailer defined reason code for an action that is taken (or not taken) at a Workstation. e.g. Return reason codes - Past Use By Date, Defective Merchandise, etc. POSNoSale reason Codes - Customer Change Query CD_RSN Code varchar(20)
ReasonCodeGroupCode (FK) A retailer assigned code denoting the family of related reason codes for classifying data and actions within the systems of the retail enterprise. CD_RSN_GRP Code varchar(20) ReasonCodeGroup(CO_CD_RSN_GRP)
ReasonName The display name that matches the retailer assigned reason code. NM_RSN Name varchar(40)
ReasonDescription A narrative description describing the uses of the retailer assigned reason code. DE_RC DescriptionNarrative varchar(4000)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
ReasonCodeGroup classifies Reason
Reason classifies TaxExemptionModifier
Reason classifies TaxOverrideModifier
Reason classifies TenderLineItem
Reason classifies RetailPriceModifier
Reason classifies RetailTransactionLineItemAssociation
Reason explains CustomerOrderProductPriceModifier
Reason classifies TenderAuthorization
Reason has translations TranslationReason
Reason classifies SaleReturnTaxLineItem
Reason classifies returns from SaleReturnLineItem
Reason classifies ReturnLineItem
Reason explains RaincheckDocument
Reason classifies TransactionResourceOverride
Reason classifies SaleReturnTaxExemptionModifier
Reason classifies ControlTransaction
Reason classifies SaleReturnTaxOverrideModifier
Reason classifies WorkerAvailability
Reason classifies TransactionAssociation
Reason classifies TaxLineItem
Reason classifies TenderControlTransaction
Reason classifies TimePunchCorrection
Reason classifies TimePunchApproval
Reason classifies RetailTransactionLineItemResourceOverride
Reason classifies VoidsLineItem

Logical Views containing Reason

Logical View
Logical 02305 - Retail Transaction - Header View
Logical 02310 - Retail Transaction - Item Sale View
Logical 02312 - Retail Transaction - Item Voids View
Logical 02320 - Retail Transaction - Taxation View
Logical 02330 - Retail Transaction - Tender - Macro View
Logical 02400 - Control Transaction Macro View
Logical 02430 - Control Transaction - Period Open Close View
Logical 02440 - Control Transaction - Voids View
Logical 02500 - Tender Control Transaction - Macro View
Logical 02510 - Tender Control Transaction - Movement View
Logical 06220 - Access Control - Overrides View
Logical 06600 - Language Support
Logical 07600 - Customer Order - Macro View
Logical 11150 - Worker - Time Punch View