Entity Definition

Logical Name : CompositeDemographicSegment
Physical Name : CO_DMOG_SGMT

Identifies, defines, names and describes a collection of characteristics that the retailer determines constitutes a significant group of customers (segment). Demographic segments characterized customers based on ethnicity, race, language, income level, education and other social economic traits that are indicators of shopping and purchasing behavior.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
DemographicSegmentID (PK) Token ID for a DemographicSegment instance ID_DMOG_SGMT Identity integer
AgeGroupCode A retailer defined code that defines the age range for a DemographicSegment. CD_AG_GP Code varchar(20)
MaritalStatusCode (FK) Indicates the marital status of a consumer. Sample include: SINGLE MARRIED DIVORCED WIDOWED OTHER CD_MRTL_STS Code varchar(20) MaritalStatus(LU_MRTL_STS)
DemographicSegmentClassifierDescription Short business description of the DemographicSegment instance. This may be used as a shorthand reference to the range of demographic attributes that characterize customers and customer segments. DE_DMOG_SGMT_CLSFR_DSCR DescriptionShort varchar(255)
LifeStageCode (FK) Identifies a consumer stage of life category. Examples include: NEWBORN INFANT TODDLER CHILD TWEEN ADOLESCENT YOUG_ADULT ADULT MATURE_ADULT ELDERLY CD_LF_STG Code varchar(20) LifeStageType(LU_LF_STG_TYP)
RaceCode (FK) Retailer determined code for indicating a Person's race. CD_RC Code varchar(20) RaceType(LU_RC_TYP)
AnnualIncomeRangeCode (FK) A customer's annual salary or income. CD_ANN_INCM_RNGE Code varchar(20) AnnualIncomeRange(LU_ANN_INCM_RNGE)
OccupationTypeCode (FK) A retailer assigned code that assigns a Person to an occupation category. This is used in demographic CD_OCCPTN_TYP Code varchar(20) OccupationType(LU_OCCPTN_TYP)
EthnicityTypeCode (FK) Indicates the cultural background of a Person. This is different from race in that it tells about a mixture of language, culture separate from a person's race. Examples include: Hispanic Han Chinese Persian West European East European Retailers should define codes that are relevant to their business. CD_ETHNC_TYP Code varchar(20) EthnicType(LU_ETHNC_TYP)
EducationLevelCode (FK) Designates a level of education completed by a party.. Examples include: ELEMENTARY MIDDLE _SCHOOL HIGH_SCHOOL TWO_YEARS_COLLEGE FOUR_YEAR_COLLEGE TWO_YEAR_GRAD FOUR_YEAR_GRAD POST_GRAD CD_EDC_LV Code varchar(20) EducationLevel(LU_EDC_LV)
EmploymentStatusCode (FK) A code that defines the employment condition of a person. This code is used in segementing customers. Sample values include: STUDENT UNEMPLOYED PART_TIME_UNDEREMPLOYED EMPLOYED SEMI_RETIRED RETIRED CD_EMPLMT_STS Code varchar(20) EmploymentStatusType(LU_EMPLMT_STS_TYP)
LanguageID (FK) A combination of ISO-639-1 and ISO-3661-1 to denote a lanuage as spoken in a particular country. ID_LGE Code4External char(4) Language(CO_LGE)
NationalOrigin (FK) Token ID assigned to uniquely identify all country-primary subdivision instances. This token is non-signifcant and should be automatically generated. ID_NTL_ORG_ISO_3166_2_CU_SBDVN Identity integer ISO3166-2CountrySubdivision(CO_ISO3166_2_PRMRY_SBDVN)
ReligionName (FK) Name of religion sect within a religion family. 1 Abrahamic religions 1.1 Babism 1.2 Bah�'� Faith 1.3 Christianity 1.3.1 Other groups 1.4 Druze 1.5 Gnosticism 1.6 Islam 1.7 Judaism 1.8 Rastafari movement 1.9 Mandaeans and Sabians 1.10 Samaritanism 1.11 Shabakism 2 Indian religions 2.1 Ayyavazhi 2.2 Bhakti movement 2.3 Buddhism 2.4 Din-i-Ilahi 2.5 Hinduism 2.6 Jainism 2.7 Meivazhi 2.8 Sikhism 3 Iranian religions 3.1 Manichaeism 3.2 Mazdakism 3.3 Mithraism 3.4 Yazd�nism 3.5 Zoroastrianism 4 East Asian religions 4.1 Confucianism 4.2 Shinto 4.3 Taoism 4.4 Other 5 African diasporic religions 6 Indigenous traditional religions 6.1 African 6.2 American 6.3 Eurasian 6.4 Oceania/Pacific 6.4.1 Cargo cults 7 Historical polytheism 7.1 Ancient Near Eastern 7.2 Indo-European 7.3 Hellenistic 8 Mysticism and Occult 8.1 Esotericism and mysticism 8.2 Occult and magic 9 Neopaganism 9.1 Syncretic 9.2 Ethnic 10 New religious movements 10.1 Creativity 10.2 New Thought 10.3 Shinshukyo 11 Left-hand path religions 12 Fictional religions 13 Parody or mock religions 14 Others NM_RLGN Code varchar(20) ReligionType(LU_RLGN_TYP)
ReligionFamilyCode (FK) Abrahamic religions 2 Indian religions 3 Iranian religions 4 East Asian religions 5 African diasporic religions 6 Indigenous traditional religions 7 Historical polytheism 8 Mysticism and Occult 9 Neopaganism 10 New religious movements 11 Left-hand path religions 12 Fictional religions 13 Parody or mock religions 14 Others CD_RLGN_FMY Code varchar(20) ReligionType(LU_RLGN_TYP)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
EducationLevel characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
ISO3166-2CountrySubdivision is originally from CompositeDemographicSegment
Language characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
ReligionType describes CompositeDemographicSegment
RaceType characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
LifeStageType characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
MaritalStatus characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
AnnualIncomeRange characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
OccupationType characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
EmploymentStatusType characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
EthnicType characterizes CompositeDemographicSegment
CompositeDemographicSegment characterizes KeyIndividualCustomerCompositeSegment

Logical Views containing CompositeDemographicSegment

Logical View
Logical 07030 - Customer Segment Independent Characteristics