Entity Definition

Logical Name : RentalServiceTerms
Physical Name : AS_SV_RNT

The terms and conditions that apply to the rental of a RentalService item. Establishes deposit requirements, start and end rental date times, penaltys and fees, retunr condition, etc.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ItemID (FK)(PK) A unique system assigned identifier for the retailer's SKU. ID_ITM IdentityUUID char(32) ServiceItem(AS_ITM_SV)
RentalStandardContractID (FK)(PK) Identifies an instance of a RentalStandardContract ID_RNT_STD_CNTRT Identity integer RentalStandardContract(CO_RNT_STD_CNTRT)
PeriodTypeCode A code to denote the rental and overdue periods; Hour, Day, Week, etc... TY_PR_RNT Code2 char(2)
PeriodCount The number of contiguous rental periods the item may be rented by the customer; as well as the number of rental periods per penalty charge. QU_PR_RNT QuantityDayCount decimal(3,0)
DepositAmount A deposit related to the value of the RENTAL OBJECT which is paid by the CUSTOMER and is refundable if the ITEM is returned in the same condition that it was when transferred to the renter. MO_DS_RNT_SV Money decimal(16,5)
DepositPercent The percentage of the value of the RENTAL OBJECT which is charged as a refundable deposit to the CUSTOMER. PE_DS_RNT_SV Percent decimal(7,4)
PenaltyMethodCode A code denoting how the penalty is calculated, using PenaltyAmount or PenaltyPercent. CD_MTH_PNTY Code2 char(2)
PenaltyAmount The penalty amount which is imposed by the RETAILER if the CUSTOMER fails to meet the rental terms. MO_PNTY Money decimal(16,5)
PenaltyPercent The percentage penalty which is imposed if the terms of the rental are abused by the CUSTOMER, eg if the rental item is delivered late the penalty is 10% of the rental fee for each date late. PE_PNTY Percent decimal(7,4)
PenaltyAssessmentTypeCode Determines how a rental penalty is assessed. Valid values include: FLAT_FEE_PCT FLAT_FEE_AMT PER_LATE_PERIOD_PCT PER_LATE_PERIOD_AMT CD_PNTY_ASSSSMNT_TYP Code varchar(20)
Rental_Cleanup_Prep_Fee_Amt A flat monetary amount charged to clean up, refuel, adjust, configure or otherwise prepare a RentalUnit for use by a rental customer. This would typically apply to cars, lawn and garden equipment, furniture (assembly) and other rental items that require prep work between renters. MO_RNT_CLNP_PRP_FE_AMT Money decimal(16,5)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
RentalStandardContract defines contractual provisions of RentalServiceTerms
ServiceItem is extended for rental by RentalServiceTerms
RentalServiceTerms defines terms of RetailTransactionRentalModifier
RentalServiceTerms applies to RentalUnit
ServiceItem can be a RentalServiceTerms

Logical Views containing RentalServiceTerms

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Logical 01004 - Item Description - Branding
Logical 01010 - Item Description - Subtype View
Logical 01040 - Item Description - Rental View
Logical 02370 - Retail Transaction - Rental View
Logical 21000 - Fresh Item Management Macro View