Entity Definition

Logical Name : Resource
Physical Name : PA_RS

RESOURCE entity contains all identifiable applications, functions, screens, and fields available for user and GROUP access.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
ResourceID (PK) A unqiue system assigned identifier for the action to which access may be granted to some Operators and Workstations. ID_RS Identity integer
ParentResourceID (FK) The next highest ownership level for a given Resource. e.g. A field resource is owned by the application screen resource to which that field is assigned. ID_RS_PRNT Identity integer Resource(PA_RS)
Description A textual description of the application Resource. DE_RS DescriptionShort varchar(255)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
Resource defines Resource
Resource is accessed through WorkGroupWorkstationGroupResourceAccess
Resource is required by TaskResourceAccess
Resource access was overridden by TransactionResourceOverride
Resource defines Resource
Resource access was overridden by RetailTransactionLineItemResourceOverride
Resource is accessed by OperatorResourceAccess
Resource is accessed by WorkstationGroupResourceAccess
Resource is accessed by GroupResourceAccess
Resource is accessed by WorkstationResourceAccess

Logical Views containing Resource

Logical View
Logical 02350 - Retail Transaction - Restriction Validation View
Logical 06210 - Access Control - Rules View
Logical 06220 - Access Control - Overrides View
Logical 11130 - Worker - Access Control View
Logical 11130 - Worker - Access Control View