Entity Definition

Logical Name : PromotionalOfferGroupOfferType
Physical Name : CO_PRM_TYP_PRM

An associative entity resolving the many-to-many relationship between Promotion and PromotionType entity types. This allows Promotions to be grouped together for reporting purposes.

Data Definition

Attribute Description Physical Name Domain Data Type Foreign Key Table
PromotionalOfferTypeCode (FK)(PK) A system assigned unique identifier for the PromotionType CD_PRM_OFR_TYP Code varchar(20) PromotionalOfferGroup(CO_TYP_PRM)
PromotionalOfferID (FK)(PK) The unique identifier for a promotion. ID_PRM_OFR Identity integer PromotionalOffer(CO_PRM)
PromotionalInitiativeID (FK)(PK) A token ID for a retailer's PromotionInitiative instance. ID_PRML_INITV Identity integer PromotionalOffer(CO_PRM)


Parent Entity Verb Phrase Child Entity
PromotionalOffer is categorized by PromotionalOfferGroupOfferType
PromotionalOfferGroup categorizes PromotionalOfferGroupOfferType

Logical Views containing PromotionalOfferGroupOfferType

Logical View
Logical 01400 - Item Rewards Derivation - Transaction Level
Logical 07040 - Customer Segment Dependent Behavior