ARTS Data Warehouse Extract, Transform & Load Physical Subject Areas

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Theme Concepts

NOTE: ARTS ODM V7.3 does NOT include a complete updated set of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) views and derived data warehouse tables.  This will be addressed at a later time as part of a Data Warehouse Model release.

This theme contains the physical subject areas that identify and define the physical tables and views used as the source of operational data to populate the ARTS Data Warehouse Version 3 fact and dimension tables.  The subject areas described in this section explicitly present the extract, transform and load (ETL) objects that enable operational data to be forwarded to the data warehouse.

The diagram illustrates the types of information conveyed in this part of the ARTS Version 7.1 Volume 1 Narrative.  All of the views and tables used to summarize, denormalize and create the tables used to transfer data to the ARTS DWM V3.0 are part of the ARTS ODM V7.2 physical data model.

Figure 5 - ARTS ODM -> DWM Extract Transform Load Presentation



Appendix A: ARTS Data Warehouse Model Release 3 – ETL View SQL Code of the ARTS Data Warehouse documentation explains each fact and dimension table extract, transform and load from the ARTS ODM V7.2 tables.  As noted earlier it is a release behind the new ODM V7.3 model.