Logical 01004 - Item Description - Branding

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Subject Area Concepts

This subject area presents the item entities with those relating to brands highlighted in the light blue block.  The ARTS ODM V7.0/7.1 and its predecessors represent Brand as a promotional/advertising name applied to one item or a range of items.  In ARTS a distinction is drawn between the Brand presented by the retailer to its customers and the ManufacturerBrand presented by the manufacturer of the product.  For example the Sears Kenmore brand of appliances is a Sears-specific name applied to Whirlpool appliances (manufacturing brand name).  Additionally a Brand may be decomposed into SubBrand entities.

With the growing role of private label merchandise as a tool to establish a retailer brand presence in the mind of their customers this subject area will be extended in future releases of the ARTS Data Model.