Logical 01020 - Item Description - Enterprise View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Logical 01020 Item Description Enterprise View subject area presents the legacy ARTS overview for items.  This subject area expands on the Item Description View presented in the Logical 01000 - Item Description - Macro View subject area.  It shows that the enterprise default values for an item's attributes are stored in Item while the entity BusinessUnitGroupItem stores per-store,(or per-group of stores) localizations of those attribute values.

Note: Although the model allows all stores to have their own selling prices and rules for all items, because of the size of such a Cartesian product in even a moderate sized enterprise (for example: 25,000 items and 1100 stores = 2.75million rows) it is expected that enterprise controls on the Item Description data will restrict BusinessUnitGroupItem to a more manageable size.

The entity POSIdentity is a cross-reference between the barcode (GS1 identifiers such as GTIN, EAN, UPC etc.), PLU or "short code" and the ItemID of the item it is identifying.  Again, it is expected that most rows in the POSIdentity table will be applicable to all stores in the enterprise, but it does allow for some POS identities to vary across different stores or groups of stores.  The ARTS Operational Data Model takes this generalized approach of POSIdentity so that retailers may use any combination of internationally-supported identifiers.

The entity POSDepartment provides default selling rule and price settings for all items in a particular department, and can be used to sell items that are "not on file".