Logical 01040 - Item Description - Rental View

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Subject Area Concepts

This subject area introduces rentals into the mix of products and services offered by retailers.

A RentalUnit is an instance of SerializedItem, and is rented according to the rules defined in RentalService. A SerializedItem may also be related to Equipment providing a link to the asset management parts of the model, grouping Equipment into EquipmentClass, providing links to relevant SerivceProviders etc.  For example, a supermarket refrigerated container may be associated with an emergency field repair service (ServiceProvider).

The relationship between Item and MerchandiseHierarchyGroup allows the retailer to categorize the StockItems that are rented out for reporting purposes as well as to categorize the ServiceItems into a different hierarchy.

The CustomerRentalAccount  keeps track of who is renting which RentalUnit at any one time.