Logical 01050 - Item Description - Labelling View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Item Labeling View, presented in Logical 01050 - Item Description Labeling View expands on the Item Description View presented above. It includes both item price labeling information as well as information on the nutritional properties of stock items

StockItemConsumerProductLabel is typically used in the grocery sector where the retailer breaks down bulk product into smaller units or combines items into prepared food products.  The consumer label provides a short list of nutritional properties and contents of the food products.  The ARTS operational data model assumes that the nutritional properties of a StockItem will not change across the enterprise.  Accordingly, the entity StockItemConsumerProductLabel is related to StockItem rather than BusinessUnitGroupItem.

ItemLabel and its sub-type entities ItemTicket, ItemShelfLabel and ItemElectronicLabel record any extra information that may be needed to generate the labels , and may even hold bitmap images, or print ready files of complex shelf labels.

It is expected that the prices and labeling requirements for a particular Item will differ across different groups of stores in the enterprise, and so therefore ItemLabel is related to BusinessUnitGroupItem rather than Item