Logical 01100 - Item Selling Rules - Macro View

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Subject Area Concepts

This subject area contains entities that identify, define and describe rules governing item sales.  As modeled, Logical 01100 is primarily concerned with applying these rules in a point of sale context.  The central entity type, ItemSellingRule, establishes point of sale enforced terms and conditions about how item sales are processed by item (based on POSIdentity) and MerchandiseHierarchyGroup.  The ItemSellingRule entity is supplemented by SalesRestriction and ItemTenderRestrictionRule entities which define:

What items may be sold;

Who may purchase those items;

When items may be purchased;

Where items may be purchase; and

How consumers may pay for the items.

These selling rules will be defined by retailers to comply with legal and regulatory requirements of jurisdictions they operate in as well as retailer-specific item sales policies.