Logical 01110 - Item Selling Rules - Restrictions View

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Subject Area Concepts

This view contains entities that identify, name and describe different rules and conditions governing the sale of merchandise through a business unit.  The rules encoded in these entity types reflect retailer sales policies as well as legal and regulatory constraints.  Item selling rules are enforced through the point of sale system.

Logical 01110 - Item Selling Rules Sales Restrictions refines the macro view and concentrates on SalesRestriction and its four sub-types:



ItemTenderRestrictionRule; and


AgeRestrictionRule limits the sale of certain items dependent on the age of the employee or customer.  For example, in certain locations, alcohol products cannot be sold or purchased by persons less than 21 years of age. Recent legislation in the US requires proof of age from anyone purchasing tobacco if they appear to be 26 years of age or less.