Logical 02020 - Item Inventory - Selling View

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Subject Area Concepts

Logical 02020 - Item Inventory Selling View subject area shows the item inventory selling view of the ARTS Operational Data Model.  The physical movement of merchandise related to selling merchandise is represented in this view.

This entity diagram highlights the three kinds of RetailTransactionLineItem that may be directly posted to the ItemInventory via ItemInventoryJournalEntry:

SaleReturnLineItem records sales and returns when the customer takes the goods;

PromotionalLineItem records items that are given away as loyalty promotions during the sale process; and

GiftCertificateLineItem records the sale of GiftCertificate instances.

The figure also shows FulfillmentAcknowledgementTransaction which records dispatch to customer and pickup by customer from "Sale for Delivery" and "Sale for Pickup" versions of SaleReturnLineItem.