Logical 02110 - Item Inventory - Location View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Logical 02110 – Item Inventory - Inbound  -Location View shows how ICDMerchandiseLineItems of the ReceivingDocument and TransferInDocument refer to the destination InventoryLocation which provides the required information for updating ItemInventory.

The entity diagram also shows how Location is related to Site and SiteContactMethod to extract the delivery address which may be required when instructing Carriers to deliver goods around the retail enterprise.

Location as modeled in ARTS is a named cubic area inside a Site.  A Site is a physical structure which houses one or more BusinessUnit entities.  The Site and BusinessUnit are linked together through the BusinessUnitSite associative entity type.  Because InventoryLocation is a subtype of Location, it inherits the parent relationships and attributes of the Location entity type.  This means that a given BusinessUnitSite may have one or more inventory locations.  For retailers this allows them to create one inventory location for display merchandise and a different inventory location for backroom inventory.  It is up to the retailer to choose how to implement inventory locations throughout the enterprise.  To be useful, as inventory locations are added, retailers have to implement the procedures to document the movement of inventory between each inventory location instance - which means proliferating the number of inventory control document instances generated.  This is a requirement to maintain an accurate perpetual unit control inventory for each inventory location. It represents the cost associated with finer grained tracking of inventory and inventory locations throughout the retail enterprise.