Logical 02200 - Transaction Macro View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Logical 02200 - Transaction Macro View encompasses entities that represent all of the functions that may be implemented in a point of sale solution.  The range of transaction types includes:

Retail transactions (see Logical 02300 - Retail Transaction Macro View)

Retail transaction documents (see Logical 02302 - Retail Transaction - Documents)

Forecourt transactions (see Logical 20030 - Forecourt - Transaction View);

Customer order control transactions (see Logical 02315 - Retail Transaction - Customer Order View);

Item processing transactions (see Logical 21000 - Fresh Item Management Macro View);

Tender control tender movement transactions (see Logical 02510 - Tender Control Transaction - Movement View);

Tender settlement transactions (see Logical 02520 - Tender Control Transaction - Settlement View);

Point of Sale Control Transactions (see Logical 02400 - Control Transaction Macro View);

Inventory control transactions (see Logical 02600 - Inventory Control Transaction View); and

Time punch control transactions (see Logical 11150 - Worker - Time Punch View).

The links in this list present detailed descriptions and entity diagrams for the different types of point of sale transactions.  This Logical 02200 - Transaction Macro View subject area is a kind of visual table of contents for the most commonly implemented transaction types.  The colored blocks in the entity diagram group entities into different types and highlight master data entities (in the light violet block) that place transactions to a time and place context.