Logical 02333 - Retail Transaction - Tender - Coupon View

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Subject Area Concepts

Logical 02333 - Retail Transaction Tender Coupon View subject area presents the Retail Transaction - Tender - Coupon View which shows how a Manufacturer issued coupon can be used to (partially) settle a transaction via the CouponTenderLineItem.

Usually the coupon's use must be validated by the presence of one or more Items that are in the correct ManufacturerCouponFamily in the transaction being tendered. CouponHandlingRule records any special processing that must be applied to the coupon.  For example, some retailers double or triple the face value of some coupons.  It also records how the coupon is to be treated in the StoreFinancialLedgerAccount, normally the coupon is simply treated as tender - but if the retailer has chosen to double or triple the face value of the coupon, then the extra monetary amount will have to be accounted for as either a markdown in the StockLedgerAccount or as an expense in the StoreFinancialLedger.

ARTS ODM V7.1 Modifications Related to Price Service

The ARTS Pricing Service Technical Specification defines the messaging protocol used to access price derivation services from a point of sale transaction (or other requesting service).  In Section 5.5.4 Scenario Return Unused Coupons, the message exchange indicates that a customer tendered coupon is not applied by the pricing service and is to be returned to the customer.

Figure 60 - ARTS Pricing Service Technical Specification - Section 5.5.4 Return Unused Coupons Business Process Model(BPM) Diagram


The act of returning a tendered coupon needs to be captured in the retail transaction.  To accomplish this ARTS ODM V7.1 adds two pairs of attributes to two entities as illustrated in the following entity model snippet.

Figure 61 - Data Model Snippet from Logical 02333 Showing New ODM V7.1 Coupon Disposition Attributes


These changes capture the correct coupon return disposition.  This feedback is useful for evaluating promotion campaign effectiveness as well as ensuring accurate financial accounting for coupon discounts.