Logical 02350 - Retail Transaction - Restriction Validation View

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Subject Area Concepts

The Logical 02350 - Retail Transaction Restriction Validation View subject area shows how the rules governing the sale of certain restricted merchandise is stored in the ARTS Operational Data Model.

If a SaleReturnLineItem is being used to record the sale of an item that is subject to a SalesRestriction, then the POS may prompt the cashier with a RestrictionValidationQuestion and the customer's answer may be recorded in either RestrictionValidationModifier or PartyIdentification, depending on the nature of the data being gathered.

Release 6.1 of the data model introduced some changes to this view.  First, the response to a RestrictionValidationQuestion is now associated with a RetailTransaction, not a RetailTransactionLineItem.  The reason for this change is that a retailer only has to ask a customer's age (or other sales restriction question) one time during the course of completing a transaction - so the retailer only need to record the customer's answer one time.  If a retailer asks a customer for their age for each line item, the customer is likely to get annoyed.  Secondly, the RetailTransactionRestrictionValidationResult that captures the retailers response to the customer's answer is a many-to-many association between SalesRestriction and the RetailTransactionRestrictionValidation (customer's answer).  So the customer's response is applied to each restriction rule resulting in a YES or NO condition for the customer to complete the purchase of a restricted item covered by the relevant SalesRestriction.