Logical 02380 - Retail Transaction - Total View

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Subject Area Concepts

Logical 02380 presents the Retail Transaction - Total View subject which shows how different transaction subtotals can be recorded in the RetailTransactionTotal.  The flexibility to derive and store different subtotals is based on the following features:

The RetailTransactionLineItemGroupAssignment entity enables retailers to assign line items to a RetailTransactionLineItemGroup;

Each RetailTransactionLineItemGroup may be classified and named using the RetailTransactionLineItemGroupType entity.  With this feature retailers can establish standard, named types of line item groups;

The RetailTransactionLineItemGroup entity may be associated with a RetailTransactionLineItemGroupTotal.  This total entity represents a transaction level roll up of the monetary amounts associated with each line item group.  Retailers can create as many different line item groupings and group total as they require;

RetailTransactionLineItemGroupTotal entities may be typed using the TransactionTotalType entity.  This enables retailers to use different class or type nomenclature for line item groupings and line item group totals; and

For simple transaction totals that do not require an explicit association to the line items they are summarized from, the RetailTransactionTotal entity can be used.

Collectively these entities (shown in the pink block of the entity diagram) offer retailers complete flexibility to calculate and store different kinds of transaction subtotals.