Logical 02400 - Control Transaction Macro View

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Subject Area Concepts

A ControlTransaction is a type of Transaction that records non-financial activity such as the status of a point of sale terminal, terminal access by retail store employees and their supervisors and other activities and events related to the administration and management of the point of sale system.

The control types included within the Control Transaction View, as shown in the Logical 02400 – Control Transaction View are:

PasswordChangeTransaction records the fact that an Operator has updated their AccessPassword;

SignOnTransaction establishes a Session and enables a Workstation to accept transactions, and may also start a Session and assign Till instances to the Operator signing on. (see below);

SignOffTransaction terminates a Session and disables the Workstation, and may also end Session instances and unassign Till instances from the Operator signing off. (see below);

POSLockTransaction secures the Workstation while the Operator is absent from the terminal (for example, helping a Customer locate merchandise); this does not terminate any Session. The Workstation cannot be operated until the Operator enters the relevant AccessPassword;

POSUnlockTransaction releases the Workstation when the Operator returns to the Workstation;

POSNoSaleTransaction causes the till drawer to open outside a normal RetailTransaction. This transaction is normally used to pickup or loan tender from/to the Workstation;

PeriodCloseTransaction records the closing of a ReportingPeriod at a particular BusinessUnit, and may update the matching BusinessUnitReportingPeriod with relevant closing date and time;

TillMovmentTransaction records the physical movement of a Till  from a Safe to a Workstation or vice versa;

TillSettlementTransaction records the closing of the ledger for a Till;

StoreSafeSettlementTransaction records the closing of the ledger for a StoreSafe;

ExternalDepositorySettlementTransaction records the closing of the ledger for an ExternalDepository;

PostVoidTransaction reverses a previously completed Transaction; and

TimePunchTransaction records a WorkerTimePunchEntry being made at the POS.