Logical 02500 - Tender Control Transaction - Macro View

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Subject Area Concepts

This subject area contains the transactional entities used to track tender movement and tender settlement related to a retail store.  The transaction specific entities are grouped into a Tender Settlement block (light blue block) and a Tender Control block (yellow).

The Tender Settlement block contains entities used to reconcile and settle till, store safe and external tender repository balances (see Logical 03160 - Reporting - Store Operations - Till View for a detailed explanation of the repositories and tender settlement).

The Tender Control block contains entities used to track the physical transfer of tender into, out of and between different tender repositories.  Most tender-related activity in terms of volume occurs within the context of retail transactions.  Retail transaction tender activity is generated during transaction settlement when customers pay for goods or receive refunds for returns.  Additional activity may be generated through customer payments, miscellaneous paid outs, non-sales cash receipts, etc.

The Tender Control block entities represent tender actions that happen outside the scope of retail transactions and are typically related to back office functions.  These include activities like tender pickups and loans (movement of fills between the POS workstation and store safe), miscellaneous cash disbursements made from the back office, tip outs, tender exchanges, bank deposits, etc.

Tender control in ARTS may be assigned to operators, workstations or both.  Retailers choose the type of control they want to implement and create the procedural logic to update the appropriate entities.  ARTS provide entities, relationships and attributes to support either or both types of tender accountability.